What is cheap sweets?

Chuches cheap incorporated into the web for you to enjoy the best price, buy easy and without leaving home all kinds of sweets, candies, nuts and pecking in general without resorting to any establishment and to choose their products with all tranquility or speed you want.

How, where and when you receive the products?

In perfectly sealed boxes for the genre receives in perfect condition. At home or address you want, unless you would choose post office. From the moment certifying the order and payment, the package will leave the company to collect the shuttle at 18:00 h, sometimes arrive before 12h.

How much are the shipping costs?

You can check the shipping on the link below: View shipping cost.

Selling out of Spain?

If we make orders outside of Spain but only to Europe and the shipping charges will appear on the bill.

If there is any item that we have no way I can get it?

Well it's simple, an email is sent to info@chuchesbaratas.com and as soon as possible get an answer budget and agreeing time delivery time.

Are special orders for companies and businesses are made?

If contacting us by phone 628 702 982 and we will send space offers.

For returns?

Returns must be sent in its original packaging and expenses borne by the buyer. Unless the problem is by the company chuchesbaratas.com. The maximum repayment period is one week. And previously reported. In COD orders returned without reason, the customer who will pay the postage costs and all additional costs. If not timely to have accepted our demand conditions will take place.